C & F Facilities

Export-import procedures are very complex and time-consuming. Therefore, every exporter should avail the services of Clearing and Forwarding (C&F) agent who are expert and well versed with the customs and shipment procedures. South East Asia Enterprise is a Government authorized customs Cleaning & Forwarding (C&F) agent. We are proudly providing C&F facilities to our customers at AFU (Airport Customs), ICD, DEPZ, Pangaon, Benapole and Sea port of Chittagong.

For smooth and timely shipment of goods, we are providing the following services:

Essential Services:

(a) Transportation of goods to docks and arrangement of warehousing at port.

(b) Warehousing facilities before the goods are transported to docks.

(c) Booking of shipping space or air freighting and advice on relative cost of sending goods by sea and air.

(d) Arrangement for loading of goods on board.

(e) Equipped with information on shipping lines and freight to different destinations, and various charges payable by exporters.

(f) Obtaining marine insurance policies.

(g) Preparation and processing of shipping documents, Bills of Lading, Dock Receipt, Export Declarations, Consular Invoice, Certificate of Origin, etc.

(h) Forwarding of banking collection papers.

You can contact with us directly for any kinds of C&F support.
Email: mominul.islam@seae-bd.com